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Welcome to Vermilion County, Illinois!  Whether you are young or old, traveling for business or pleasure, staying short-term or long, we have something to offer each and every traveler.  The Danville Area Convention and Visitors’ Bureau invites you to explore our website for a comprehensive list of upcoming events along with places to see, eat, shop, and stay.



  As a result of the current budget impasse between Governor Rauner and the General Assembly, Illinois tourism's statutorily mandated funding is on hold.   At the present time, we do not know what amount of funding, if any, will be available, from the state to help operate our CVB and other CVB's around the state.   Our CVB, along with others, are faced with difficult decisions that will seriously jeopardize our ability to maintain and grow tourism in our local community.   On the block are cuts in ad campaigns and visitors' guides, staff reductions, and cancellation of print material needed to promote our areas.  This lack of funding will also seriously jeopardize our ability to provide support to bring in new events, like Phases of the Moon, and retain old ones, like the NJCAA Division II men's basketball finals.   This is a devastating blow to the tourism industry, and industry who puts millions of dollars into the state and local communities.   Now, more than ever, we need your help.  We are fortunate that our local legislators have shown great support for tourism in Danville/Vermilion County.  They see the results of our efforts and the support shown by our communities.   Keep in mind that this funding comes, not from residents, but strictly from hotel/motel tax.  To aid the legislators in their battle to


  American Legion Post 210 and the Danville Area Convention and Visitors’ Bureau have announced that the Illinois American Legion State Golf Tournament will be held in Danville on August 1st and 2nd (2015) at two area courses on consecutive days.  Host courses will be Turtle Run and Harrison Park.  Play will begin simultaneously on both courses at 8:30 AM on Day One.  Golfers will switch courses on Day Two in this 4 person scramble format.  Tee times will be arranged considering


ArtBeat Music Week will run Monday through Saturday, June 22-27, with free music at Temple Plaza at the corner of North and Vermilion Streets.  This event coincides with the First Gig Rock and Roll camp for youth.  Organizers thought that having all the musicians in the city for the camp as instructors throughout the week, why not have them play in the evenings, too.  The music will start around 6 PM for the nightly performances with a general time from 5 PM - 9 PM Monday through Friday and 3